Orchid FAQ

Originally bred from wild orchids from the mountains of India and South East Asia they are well suited to our conditions here in Andrews, North Carolina, as the climate is similar to that in their native environment.

Temperature: Cymbidium prefer cold temperatures. Days of 80F (max. 90F), Nights 55F or lower (min. 40F)

Light: Place to give direct sun, morning and afternoon, shade at midday. Keep plant in brightest spot, but keep it cool.

Water: Cymbidium should not be allowed to go dry. Water frequently, even twice per week. Water on the root and leaf only, since watering on flowers can greatly shorten flower life.

Feeding: High nitrogen fertilizers should be used from April until August, while low nitrogen fertilizers should be used from September until January. Half strength is recommended.

Repot: Repot every two to three years from February to June with a well-draining medium.

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